Experienced North Texas Expunction Attorney

Helping You to Clear Arrests From Your Record Whenever Possible

Living with a criminal record can be a frustrating experience. Your criminal history is revealed on background checks, which are often done by employers, lending establishments, and even landlords. If you have a permanent criminal record, even for a minor crime, you could be denied gainful employment, housing, and even continuing education. Under Texas law, however, there are some circumstances that would allow you to be able to clear an arrest from your record, also called an expunction.

What Types of Records Can be Cleared?

Unfortunately, not every arrest is eligible for an expunction. Only under certain circumstances will an arrest be able to be cleared from your record. These circumstances include charges never being filed or charges being dismissed, being acquitted, or being pardoned due to your innocence. If a particular arrest does not meet this criterion, it is likely that you will not be able to receive an expunction. However, for any arrests that are eligible for an expunction, it is a legal maneuver that is highly beneficial to you and will continue to be so in the future.

What Is Needed For an Expunction?

The first step to having an arrest wiped from your record is to fill out a Petition for Expunction of Criminal Records. An experienced Texas expunction attorney can guide you through this process in order to ensure that the form is filled out correctly and submitted to the proper authorities in a timely fashion.