At the Law Office of Preston Park, PLLC, we understand that family law issues can often feel like an emotional tug-of-war. Our family attorneys have the legal muscle you need to maintain the property, assets, and parental rights you are entitled to. You can trust our extensive knowledge and experience to get you through this difficult time. Click here to learn about our new Coaching Program.


Estate Planning for Blended Families

Sometimes you need to plan for the worst, even though you don’t think you do. You may not want to tell your Estate Planning attorney about the litigation, bad co-parenting, alienation, and other grief your ex has put you through. Even if you trust your ex completely regarding your children, situations such as bad relationship choices in the future could derail your estate plan for your kids. We deal with all of the stinky muck in your Estate Plan so your survivors don’t have to.

Honeymoon Estate Planning

Honeymoon Estate Planning is about being intentional about your personal, professional, financial, and spiritual goals during your marriage so that you and your spouse are always on the same side. Getting expert advice can be intimidating because it feels like you are giving up control. However, you are still the captain of your own ship. Having someone tell you how to avoid bad weather doesn’t change that, but it should help you make good decisions. Let us help you write your story!

Estate Planning for Cancer Patients

As a good king or queen, you love your subjects and want to make it easy for them to please you. You don’t leave them with just forms that you filled out and expect them to perform their duties. You will think about all of the decisions they will have to make and decide ahead of time so they don’t have to. Finally, you will anticipate problems they will have executing your will and give them any tools that you can to help your subjects resolve them. Get the advice you need from your advisors.

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most emotionally charged issues in the space of family law. For the Law Office of Preston Park, child custody means finding a way to balance each parent’s rights, duties, and visitation schedule while making the legal process as straightforward as possible for our client. Because no two custody cases are alike, we will consider the unique details of your case to ensure you get the right court order—as well as the right education and counselling to keep everything on track after your order is finalized.

Parents’ Rights

As a parent, you have a fundamental right to make decisions about your child’s life, education, and medical treatment. You also have a right to stay informed and provide input when a co-parent shares those decision-making powers. Because these rights can greatly influence a healthy relationship with your children, our firm will work tirelessly as tenacious advocates for your parental rights.


After handling the various aspects of your divorce—like property division, alimony, and child custody—you want the final decree of divorce to be final. That means ensuring your court orders are enforced and legally sound. In addition, when children are involved, they often become the focal point of animosity and mistrust lingering from the marriage. The time to start thinking about problems raising children after divorce is before you file. Our law office takes a comprehensive look at divorce, guiding you through the process from your initial consultation all the way to post-divorce enforcement.

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For the Law Office of Preston Park, it is important to find solutions that are long-term—solutions that work for you and your family even after your case is resolved. It is our desire to be an available legal resource for all of our clients well after we help them resolve their cases. If you encounter any of the professional, financial, legal, or personal challenges that inevitably follow a family law matter, the Law Office of Preston Park is there to connect you with resources to help you with your problems.