Train Your Iguana: Think Past the Emotional Barriers to Success in Family Law

Family Law Attorney, Preston Park, J.D., has seen parents become emotionally and financially ruined by repeated returns to court to defend child custody cases. In many of these cases, people unwisely choose the realities in which they live, negatively affecting everyone involved.

Now, for the first time, Park offers the core of his legal wisdom in one compact, accessible, timeless package. Through his years of practicing law, hundreds of Legal Aid interviews, and his own personal growth, he shows how to navigate the complexities of divorce, separation, and custody battle. Without keeping your emotional, reactive brain in check, everything will fall apart.

In Family Law cases, battling parents and spouses are often trapped by anger and fear. This unfortunate reality clouds their judgment, leading to making poor decisions that can last a lifetime. No matter a person’s level of intelligence, when confronted with a highly stressful legal situation, many people don’t make rational decisions—fear gets the best of them.

Escaping the dark spiral of divorce, separation, and custody battle can be toxic. In “Train Your Iguana,” Park sheds light on the insights that have helped his clients escape those dark realities, guiding them back into the light. This book provides practical information to help change how you think so you can get to work on real solutions.

No matter your legal situation, use this book is about reframing your thinking to get past emotional barriers in family law cases. You can act without letting automatic emotional reactions get in your way. This book shows you the way.