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Why Law Coaching?

Silly mistakes can cost you your case. Experienced attorneys routinely get coaching and advice from other attorneys. You should have the same benefit when preparing to try your own case. I’ve been practicing Family Law for six years now. I have also been judging mock trial competitions and coaching mock trial teams over the last few years. Like mock trial, you only need to learn to try it one specific case–yours.

Unlike mock trial, people representing themselves in court don’t get scored on advocacy points based on their ability to talk without notes and be entertaining. They just want to get their evidence in so the judge can’t consider it. People without attorneys do win against represented parties when they can get their evidence in.

I’ve decided to take some of my experience coaching and judging in mock trial competitions to coach people who have to represent themselves in Texas courts. I will teach evidence rules and discuss trial strategy over the WhenHub Interface app, and do practice runs to prepare for handling objections and other things that might happen in court.

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How do I get Started?WhenHub Interface


It isn’t fair that you don’t have some simple tools to use against an experienced attorney. It’s easy to get started so do it now!


  1. Download the WhenHub Interface app using this link.
  2. Make an appointment here.
  3. At your appointed time, search for “Preston Park” or “LawCoach” (one word) in the app.
  4. For purpose of interface, enter the county, type of case (custody, child support, divorce, etc.), and the opposing party’s name. For example: “divorce with children, Bexar County, me vs John Doe”
  5. You can either buy WhenTokens to use as payment or pay in dollars.

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What Do I Need for My Appointment?

In order to make the best and most efficient use of your time and money, I would suggest that you gather the following in electronic form before your  appointment:

  1. A written list of questions that you want answered.
  2. Any evidence you think you want to present.
  3. Any documents that you have filed, served, or been served with.
  4. Current active orders.
  5. If I need to review any documents or evidence, I will review it while we are online, so bring a cup of coffee or something to keep you busy while you are waiting.