On answer

“Hi, this is ________ from The Law Office of Preston Park, he wanted to follow up on last week’s meeting at LinkedIn Local DFW, calling for _____________.”

If asked for the reason for the call

Tell them you are calling to schedule a follow-up meeting to our discussion at LinkedIn Local DFW last week.

If they are unavailable

Ask if there is a good time to call back. If they want to call me, just give them my number.

If you get through.

“Hi, this is ________ from The Law Office of Preston Park. We met last week at LinkedIn Local DFW. I’m calling to see if we can schedule a new appointment to meet at your office for a one on one in the next few days.

Schedule an appointment at https://calendly.com/prestonjpark-law/one-on-one

If they want to go somewhere else let them decide or suggest options from the list.

Tell them they will get an appointment reminder, thank them for their time, and say goodbye.